Magic® GFCVM is an acid-free, matte finish, artist stretch canvas designed for long-term, fade resistant fine art or photo reproductions when imaged with solvent inks. The polyester/cotton blend canvas has a specifically designed coating which delivers superior color gamut and resolution. GFCVM has the added bonus of water resistance when printed with solvent inks.

Solvent LFP.

Indoor, Outdoor.

Kunstreproduktion, anspruchsvolle Bildwiedergaben.

JA Partnr. Länge [m] Breite [cm] Breite [inch] m2 / Rolle
GFCVM-36 22,86 91,4 36 20,90
GFCVM-50 22,86 127 50 29,04
GFCVM-54 22,86 137 54 31,32
GFCVM-60 22,86 152,4 60 34,84
GFCVM-72 22,86 182,9 72 41,82

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